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hello, my name is Steve in 29 a postman and work in Cheshire. 4 years since my last task of the day is the mail from a post office small town, where Jackie works to reunite behind the counter. jackie think that has worked for years, she's almost 50 now, but I think it still looks good fuckable !. I know shes married a man much older than her and have children in the same 20, but there is something in them I mean shit! shes a size 14, has big tits that u always white blouses can see at work every day 2, which also has a nice big ass, when I look better in jeans in shes'm a Saturday! anyway... weve somehow always flirted and came on the first day, always very tight, short skirts black, black stockings and black heels. her stockings legs really showed well and I had many idiots who think of them. But over the past few years began wearingblack pants shes admitshe me not be lustporntube so sexy, but fresh and good!however, approached, exchanged phone numbers for a long time, and send jokes and sexual innuendo just havin a laugh really. in the city and I'm always always say to come Buy UA Drink yu ill order! But she has never, ever goes out. anyway I'm a big fan if you want Enuff Sumthin lustporntube wrong and wait... going to happen, and he did! intermarry Jackie always late to the shore or float, or to do something! let the other half 5 employees that remain, there is usually e- mail in the fight against the last quarter, but this particular infinity that came too late to collect! I knocked on the door of the four and forty Jackie came to let me in, closed lustporntube the door behind us and I followed her through the shop window behind the big ass jiggle all the time looking black lustporntube pants . stressed is gone and I felt quite stressed, throwing apparently had a bad day, I helped make because lustporntube I was too late, insisting that leanedCollect a bag of mail and do not know wat came over me I felt my ass! never flinched as he struggled with the bag, so I kept lustporntube feeling! it felt so good ! back, as he placed the bag near the door of the office and looked around and said, 'I closed the front door is not i! Yes, I said, then she looked me in the eye lustporntube and said that I will not just Jackie nodded and then pulled me into her and started kissing me in all! I could not believe here was kissing a MILF ID fantasized for years! kissing the way is reached and turned off the light lustporntube when I did in his short white blouse launch its black lace bra and cleavage revealing, my hand grabbed her left breast, it felt so good as it seemed he was stroking my cock that grew immensely fast ! I managed to get the pants, unlip fell and crashed into her panties I have white, was so wet and thick i insert four fingers into her, she began to moan as they have to fight them with my belyou helped a little, and she masturbates before my cock. I was close to cumming I could feel, so no and took over the cafeteria table, I went, as I said, 'Fuck me hard 'i parted her legs and slid my cock into her Throbbin fuck cried, as I got short hair, as I suggested, I shot my load was turned in under a minute, I like that ! turned and knelt down and licked my penis sperm yet ! it s the closest finish was a nice day all, there is nothing there, even though they send each other dirty texts I think it's just a matter of time and shes started wearing black skirts and stockings went from again! mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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